Dark Organic Artisan Chocolate Halva Truffles - Vegan Treats

H o m e   of   H e a l t h y   I n d u l g e n c e  

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Experience our 100% intense organic raw chocolate in our most popular selection. Inside: Energy Fusion x 2, Golden Medjool x 2 and Cocoa Halva.  Wholesome satisfaction, enjoyed at any time!

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100% Dark Organic Raw Peruvian Cacao


Vegan * Dairy Free * Gluten Free Options * No Refined Sugars

Smooth and Intense 100% Dark chocolate complimented with natural fillings of dried fruits, nuts and seeds bringing you wholesome satisfaction.

The Gold Collection

Select 2-1-2

the gold collection

The Gold Collection brings you Food of the Gods & Fruit of Kings. Inside find our most popular chocolate 'Golden Medjool'. Earthy caramel-like organic Medjool dates, bursting with zesty dried Physalis Peruviana and crunchy Macadamia nuts, wrapped in Peruvian organic raw dark chocolate (100%). Suitable for vegans. This product is 100% organic.

Dark Organic Artisan Chocolate stars topped with Golden Berries.  Healthy vegan treats.
Healthy Ingredients include dates, cocoa nibs, powder cocoa butter, pomegranate, coconut and oranges

Our Ethos

Healthy Indulgence


Earth Food was founded by Maxim Costic in Wexford town in 2021.  He is an advocate of fitness and healthy eating.  His father worked as an engineer in Bucaria Chocolate in Chișinău, Moldova for many years and always took their confectionary home for them to enjoy. Maxim's passion for food and goal to stay healthy inspired him to make wholesome treats for his family. He loved the process and went on to learn and develop the skills to become a Chocolatier. From here Earth Food was born.

At Earth Food, all of our ingredients are selected for their rich nutritional benefits. We create treats that are decadent and all the while boosting your wellbeing.

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our Cacao process

Peruvian Organic Raw Cacao

100% Organic Raw Cacao nibs spend 12 hours conching to create the smooth texture in our chocolate.  We do not add sugar, milk or preservatives to our chocolate.  This untainted superfood is the essence of our product range.